About Starting Now & Ryan Clifford

Starting Now is about living a better life, without being self-helpy. We can all be doing something better. Industries, events, things that happen in life that most people only give a passing thought- I obsess over these things. As a reader, know that these things I obsess over are always a study in attempting to make our lives better, more successful, more efficient, and more fun.

My name is Ryan Clifford, and I’m incredibly pensive- a thinker (some might say over-analyzer, but I prefer “pensive”). I’m 32, a 2 time startup co-founder, and a transportation tech industry veteran. LingoBox remains a work in progress and is setting out to give everyone the confidence to learn a second language- it isn’t impossible, even if it feels like it sometimes.

I’m a proud coffee enthusiast, an entrepreneur, love Seattle sports teams, have a serious sweet tooth but am dedicated to fitness, went car-less for 8 months. Going car-less has further driven my obsession with transportation (paid, shared, public, and more). I’ve since gotten back into car ownership, when I bought my 2010 Prius a couple months ago- it’s pretty sweet.

I grew up in Seattle, earned a scholarship to play football for UNLV (Go Rebels!), and post-college lived in LA, San Diego, and Boulder before making my way back home last year.