GoDaddy’s Gotta Go: Alternatives Abound

It wasn’t easy finding a trusted alternative to GoDaddy for domain name registration, but it was worth the extra effort.  Boycott

A quick backstory

Eating a fried chicken foot in Hanoi is symbolic for ‘defeat’

I, like most of the U.S. internet community, was in stark opposition to the SOPA/PIPA legislation that was defeated in Congress earlier this year.  It was defeated, thanks in large part to a major groundswell among the online community.  As an internet entrepreneur and internet consumer, I opposed the bill for obvious reasons. Equally though, I took issue with SOPA/PIPA, because they were an all-time example of legislators missing the mark.  Failing to listen to constituents, the business community, and virtually all parties other than Hollywood.  Our elected officials are responsible for doing their homework (ie. actually reading the bill) and keeping a pulse on their constituents, prior to making decisions.  It required a major wakeup call, but in the end, this was a win for America, the internet, and the lasting viability of grassroots movements.

Don’t Forget

While we were all opposing SOPA, came out in support of the proposed legislation.  I find it completely irresponsible and chose, at the time, to never purchase another domain name (ie. web address or URL) from them again.  Today was my first opportunity to stick to that pledge.  While shopping for today (to be used for this blog), I found it surprisingly difficult to find an alternative to GoDaddy.

It took  a bit of research, but I ultimately came up with  Despite being nervous to try something untested, they worked out great.  So, this is me letting you know that there are viable alternatives out there.  All bias aside, the purchase process was actually better than I’d ever had with GoDaddy.  If you didn’t support SOPA, don’t let the old habit of deferring to GoDaddy blind you to what took place.  Boycotting them is the only way to hold them accountable.

Here are two alternatives, recommended by guys who know about this stuff:

In Motion Hosting recommended by superstar blogger and social media savant, Chris Brogan

Domains in Seconds, recommended by Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Workweek

Let me know if you have other domain registration sites that you’ve used and liked.


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